RMO bands are famous for their correct anatomical shape, and for the temper (firmness) of the stainless steel.

RMO TruForm bands are of superior quality and available in a myriad of sizes in either an Anatomical design or universal shape. Features include:
• Size identification and Palmer notation are permanently marked to withstand heat sterilization
• Dimensional strength remains stable without deformation during trial fitting
• Anatomical bands contain a lingual groove for orientation to tooth anatomy
• Full complement of sizes – Choice of correct size for maximum retention at desired position
• RMO engineered ductility and precise form adapts to the tooth contours with secure retention
• Rolled gingival and incisal edges provide total retention and minimize cement ridge build-up
For superior customization, the bands can be ordered preweld at no additional charge; providing the flexibility of custom placement assemblies of brackets, tubes and other preweld auxiliaries per customer specification.

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