FLI® Twin
FLI® Twin brackets offer unwavering high quality in true conventional stainless steel bracket design. Smooth, rounded contours assure both gentle aesthetics and enhanced patient comfort. The FLI® Twin bracket system features a color quadrant identification system and tooth specific pads to improve bonding efficiency and reduce chairtime.

New chamfered facial lead-ins and a flared entry, support quick and easy wire changes.

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  • Smooth, comfortable low-profile design
  • Liberal tie-wing clearance for easy and secure ligation
  • Mushroom style hook for added comfort
  • Facial & mesial/distal entry lead-ins for easy wire placement and insertion
  • Torque-in-base allows for optimal slot alignment
  • Two-piece mesh pad construction for consistent and predictable bonding
  • Center scribe provided for accurate/visual placement
  • Color quadrant coding for easy identification
  • Treatment flexibility with true twin design
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