FLI® Mini Tubes

FLI® Mini Tubes are specifically designed for partially erupted 2nd molars, offering a perfect solution for early stages of bonding. The bonding base features a mesially-extended contour ideal for adapting to a small crown bonding surface. A smooth, low profile design assures both working ease and enhanced patient comfort. FLI® Mini Tubes also feature a trumpeted entry to facilitate quick and easy wire changes reducing valuable chair time.

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  • Smooth, comfortable low-profile design for patient comfort and reduced occlusal interference
  • Mini Tube design- perfect for adapting to small crown surfaces as opposed to traditional direct bond tubes
  • Molded contoured base provides superior fit and predictable bonding; mesially-extended for ideal placement on partially erupted 2nd molar cusps
  • Mushroom style hook for added patient comfort through minimized cheek irritation
  • Flared entry for easy wire insertion providing quicker wire changes
  • Torque-in-base for optimal slot alignment reduces guesswork and chairtime
  • Unique ID for quick and easy identification saves time
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