FLI® Copper Nickel-Titanium Wire

FLI® Copper Nickel-Titanium Wire is an extensive line of archwires providing flexible treatment options with a wide selection of forces and wire sizes. The addition of copper to nickel-titanium alloy enhances the thermal properties of the wire while maintaining precise control of forces. Enhanced resistance to permanent deformation and smooth progression of transformation temperatures yielding an expected feel in hand makes FLI® Copper Nickel-Titanium the ideal treatment solution for any office.

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  • Full line of wires, accommodating all doctors’ requests
  • Multiple arch forms, meets doctors’ & patients’ needs
  • Contains Cu (copper), easy to insert and gives feeling of flexibility
  • Three temperatures provides more force options
  • 2nd generation CuNiTi provides more predictable tooth moving forces which leads to better treatment results & less breakage
  • Available in single packs or packs of 10
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