Our Safety Headgear System reduces the potential hazard of slingshot rebounds of headgear.

If the facebow is pulled with excessive force, clips holding the spring release modules disconnect automatically and disengage the facebow.

Facebows are available in the following forms:

Facebow (Ricketts®)

  • Flexible, permits natural expansion
  • Outer bow loop provides vertical auxiliary control
  • Laser welded and brazed into a strong single unit

Penta-Form™ Loop-Style Facebow – Stainless Steel

  • 5 sizes of inner bow
  • Comfortable, avoids frontal cheek area
  • Soldered into a strong single unit
  • Marked with size and midline indication

Kussick Facebow – Stainless Steel

  • 5 sizes of inner bow

Download Catalog

  • The system is available with cervical traction pads, high-pull head straps, and bilateral two-part safety release modules.
  • Facebow attachment straps are color-coded to easily identify force levels.
  • Neckpads and head straps are in denim fabric.
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