Discover the Nickel-Titanium arch wires available through RMO®:

This series of wires is available in various strengths in pre-formed natural/ideal arches (round, square, rectangular) and in straight lengths. These wires provide a very light force, are very springy and deliver a very high range.

  • Nickel-titanium alloys are shape memory alloys
  • Provides an ideal continuous gentle force at a constant, uninterrupted force level for tooth movement
  • Reduces chair time by extending time between visits
  • Permanent midline etchmarks: Three lines for a maxillary arch, one line for a mandibular arch
  • Each arch wire is individually packaged and sealed in RMO® PurePak™ for enhanced product safety
  • PurePak™ protects against airborne contaminants and cross contamination
  • Tear away tab enclosure for easy access to individually sealed wires
  • PurePak™ containers feature color-coded labels for easy identification of your wire inventories
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